Q. Does Premiere accept unsolicited manuscripts?

A. We invite prospective authors to send a query via e-mail to query@premiereauthors.com. Please include a brief BIO, a 1-page synopsis and your full contact information. All items submitted remain your property and will be kept confidential.

Q. What type of Author is Premiere interested in?

A. We are primarily interested in individuals whose appeal is national or international. Except for high-profile individuals, we rarely work with first-time authors unless they have an established audience base and the ability to activate their base to respond when their book is released.

Q. Does Premiere have a particular content focus?

A. We work in most all genres (Non-Fiction, Fiction, etc.) and have relationships with publishers of all sizes and interests. Because of our experience and connections, we work with a lot of book projects in the Adult/Non-Fiction history/current events/political genres.  Our work in children's literature is limited to those authors already on our agency roster.

Q. Does Premiere charge for its services?

A. We work on an industry-standard literary commission rate. So, we only earn income when our Authors do. We do not charge any fees, upfront or otherwise.

Q. How is a literary agent different than using an attorney?

A. There are many competent attorneys who are well versed in helping their clients find a publisher and negotiating their book contract. We know and work with several of them from time to time.  In fact, we recommend that our clients engage legal counsel to review all the legal documents associated with their publishing career.  However, when it comes to literary management, most law practices aren't well-suited for the heavy time investment required since their business models are built on hourly billing, usually against a retainer.  Full-service literary management by a literary agent, on the other hand, isn't constrained by a clock or a client's ability to pay.  If we sign an author, we do what it takes to get the job done.  Our involvement with a project begins long before the book proposal is submitted to publishers and long after the publishing deal is signed.  And because we work on commission, our clients are free to call or email us with the smallest of questions without getting a bill.