The Premiere Advantage

Premiere Authors is a full-service literary agency providing representation and management through every step of the publishing journey for our Authors. We assess an Author's market potential, identify prospective publishers, pitch our Authors and their works, negotiate contract terms and work with the publisher and author to enhance sales to the trade and to the book-buying public.

Our typical clients are high-profile individuals who are leading figures in media, politics, entertainment & the non-profit and corporate sectors. Our team understands how to integrate a publishing project into the larger messaging strategy of such leading figures in a way that compliments, rather than conflicts with, their total platform and messaging strategy.

As a part of the Premiere Global family, we bring an unparalleled array of assets to a book release that greatly enhance its potential as a bestseller. Rather than fading into the background after the book deal is signed, we remain engaged throughout the release of the book and help our authors navigate the ever-changing terrain. Working in concert with our Premiere Marketing and Premiere Collectibles divisions, we often hear accolades like, "they are the best as what they do."

Of course, long after a book is released, we continue to pay close attention to contractual details so our authors realize every financial benefit promised to them.

We operate on an industry-standard commission basis and never charge any fees. Our clients really value being able to talk to us without watching a clock as we have no hourly billing.